Sunday, May 22, 2011

Funny signs on the beach

These signs we saw at Great Harbour on Jost van Dyke.

"Not Please DO NOT, DONT i RePeat DONT PICK these coconut i mean it i'll take it very PersoNal! I am warNiNg you DoNt pick them, oNly iF u will like to cause Probleam. have a Nice Day without PickiNg these youNg Fruits"

And here is the protected coconut tree
with it's young fruits.

"iF u waNt 2 c real sexy girl or Evin Real sexy maN, oh Boy WeNDell is the maN with the PlaN No Jester it's all oN Easter Easter moNday i say!! BeekiNi CoNtest, wet t-shirt, swimiNg Races & DiveiNg coNtest aND mutch Moor FuN games. there will B Prizes, Lots oF Food & DriNk all oN little Jost vaN Dyke. Watertaxi avalible $10 RouNd triP from great harbour 4 moor into call WeNDell @ 5432738 come c BikiNi!"

(Note the picture of Wendell to the left in his purple Borat style swimsuit.)


"Please NO smokeiNg uNder the roof we all kNow it's Elegal aNd oNly WeNdll will get the Pressure! i kNow it's a hard habbit to quit but resPect those that doNt smoKe the world is big, let the NON smoker live to help you. We sell cigaritte But we doNt smoke them!!"

(Smoking is banned in all public places in the BVI.)

This must be Wendell's bar

I wonder if these signs might all be Wendell's work with all of them having capital N's in the middle of words! Or else they all must have had the same teacher...

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  1. LOL, obviously that guy loves writing overly long, grammatically incorrect and misspelled signs, maybe just for the heck of it. And why is all the "N's" are capitalized? Hmm...well I can understand him for being pissed with people picking his young coconuts, I'd be angry too if I'm in his shoes, haha.